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SLE Scheuvens-Lass-Elektronik offers you a large selection of products for measurement and control technology as well as special developments for many industries.

In the field of ripple control technology our product range includes a variety of devices for the selective measurement, testing, monitoring and recording of currents and voltages.
In addition, we are intensively involved in research and development of sensor technology, with a focus on the processing and filtering of measured values for analog and digital sensors.
On request, we also support other companies and institutions with individual development boards in modular design, for example for research projects and prototypes.

Our customers benefit from our decades of experience as well as from durable and robust products for industrial use. We achieve this through extensive development work, the use of high-quality components and extensive long-term tests on our test benches.

We gladly accept enquiries from all areas. We implement customer-specific requests, even in small quantities, quickly and efficiently at acceptable prices.

We look forward to hearing from you.




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