Vacations 2022-2023

Dear customers,
we have company vacations between Christmas and New Year again this year.
Our company will be closed from 24.12.2022 to 01.01.2023 inclusive.
In urgent cases you can still contact us via email during this period.
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Price adjustment price list 2022

We would like to inform you that we are now also adjusting our prices to the current situation. We always try to keep our prices stable as long as possible, but the current market situation does not allow this. 

The adjusted price list is valid from 01.08.2022 and is available from week 30 online or on request. 

Our software products are excluded from these adjustments, here our old prices are still valid.


Hannover Messe 2022

Many thanks to all existing customers, potential new customers and suppliers for the nice conversations and the input.
It was good to finally meet in person again after such a long time.


Thank you!

We would like to say thank you once again to all our customers, suppliers and the many hardworking delivery services who have helped us maneuver through this #Covid chaos despite the many hurdles and Lockdowns. We wish you all a Merry Christmas.


Pricelist 2022

Our price list for 2022 can now be downloaded in the download area.


Company vacations

Dear customers, we have company vacations between Christmas and New Year again this year. (24.12.2021 until 01.01.2022) In urgent cases, however, we are still available by email during this period. Telephone inquiries can only be accepted and processed to a limited extent. Thank you for your understanding..


SPM3 Software

The SPM3 software will be replaced by our new software "SLE-TeleGraph" with immediate effect. For users of the SPM3 software we offer SLE-TeleGraph at special conditions until the end of 2021. Please contact us.


Customer visits

As of now, customer visits to our premises are once again possible subject to conditions and compliance with hygiene regulations. A prior appointment is required. If you have any questions, please contact us.


Currently no vacancies 

We are pleased about the numerous unsolicited applications we regularly receive, but we would like to point out that we currently have no vacancies.

Of course, there is still the possibility for students to work on projects at our company within the scope of their bachelor's or master's thesis. In this context, we gladly accept inquiries and suggestions.


Pricelist 2021

The price list for 2021, supplemented by our new products, is now available in the download area.


Research project 'Flow Sensor' - Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

We have accompanied and supported this project for many months in the context of consulting and prototype development for electronic measurement data acquisition.  
We are pleased about the successful completion of the spin-off project "Fluctomation" of the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences. The scientific result is an innovative and miniaturised flow sensor that functionally replicates the lateral line organs of fish.


We are open for business

You can reach us as usual by phone and email. At the moment we are not planning to close down our company due to the corona virus.


We have moved to a new location

You can reach us from now on Inneboltstraße 121 in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany.


Everything is in motion - including our company

We would like to inform you that Mrs. Scheuvens-Lass handed over the family business to me on 01.01.2019 after more than 25 years.
I have been part of the family business since the end of the 1990s and have already been motivated to pursue this responsible task in recent years as a general representative.
Over the past few months, we have worked together to ensure that the handover was as smooth as possible in order to avoid any restrictions in day-to-day business.
In the interest of a sustainable further development of the company, we are planning various new and further developments of our proven products in the near future.
Of course, I will continue to be your contact person.
We hope that you place the same trust in me and look forward to work with you in the future as partners, customers or suppliers.

- Lucrezia Kroeger-Lass


Initial operation on site

We offer on-site initial operation for both versions of our capacitor protection system.
Our technicians will support you in setting up the control unit and check the alignment of the transmitter and receiver units.
We do not execute any installation work.

Talk to us!


Company Anniversary

In celebration of our 25 years anniversary we would like to thank all out clients for many years of loyality an for their confidence in us!

Special thanks are also adressed to our business partners for the efficient an confident cooperation!


Windows 10 compatible:

SPM3 Software has been tested for compatibility with the operationsystem Windows 10 Professional (64 Bit) and Ultimate (64 Bit). No problems and/or restrictions were detected during our tests.


SLE-TeleGraph for TF-Recorder

We are pleased to announce that our TeleGraph software package has been extended by the TF-Recorder. This finally replaces the old TF-Recorder software. From now on there is only one software environment for all SLE devices. Existing customers with a license for the old TF-Recorder software have the possibility to purchase a discounted update until the end of 2023.   


Firmware Update RTC-SD

We have revised and extended the firmware of the RTC-SD to support, among other things, larger memory cards for the telegrams. The created files are of course also compatible with our SLE-TeleGraph software and can be evaluated via the software.   


Comprehensive software & firmware update SPM4

From the end of May a comprehensive update for the SPM4 is available consisting of a firmware update that includes the following changes:
- Sampling rate dramatically increased, now 2-3 times more samples in telegram recordings, (depending on the measurement type) so the SPM4 is now higher resolution than the SPM3 even when measuring with all available channels simultaneously. If only 1 channel is active, we achieve a sampling rate twice as high as with the SPM3
- Frequency scan now runs much faster

IMPORTANT: Full range of improvements only usable with firmware update SPM4 AND software update SLE-TeleGraph


SLE-TeleGraph 1.4.0

The new version of SLE-TeleGraph now supports many more functions of the SPM4, also for the SPM3 new functions have been added. (For details see changelog). It is now available in the download area.


Rental and demonstration equipment

From now on we offer our customers rental equipment for limited periods of time.


SLE-TeleGraph 1.3.0

The new version of SLE-TeleGraph now supports many more functions of the SPM4, also for the SPM3 new functions have been added, e.g. the percentage display during frequency scan. (For details see changelog). It is now available in the download area.


SLE-TeleGraph 1.2.1

The new version of SLE-TeleGraph now also supports the SPM4 and is now available in the download area.



On the SLE-TeleGraph product page you can now find videos about the software package. The videos are divided into the sections Setting, Measuring and Exporting.


RCR2s - Test Station

Generates a TF voltage at a freely selectable frequency and level.For testing devices such as ripple control receivers.


SLE-TeleGraph 1.0.0

SLE-TeleGraph Version 1.0.0 is now available for download. The latest version now also includes an installer. For all other changes and new features see the change log in the download area.



Limited quantity.
Only available when ordering an SPM3 with all options (01-04).
For product details, see SPM3.


SLE-TeleGraph 0.9.7

SLE-TeleGraph Version 0.9.7 now including German and French and Import of old .SP3 files. For details see Change Log in the download area.



Finally the time has come, the new SPM4 is now available for order. Delivery will take place from the end of April. We also offer a trade-in bonus for old SPM2 meters when ordering an SPM4. (Offer only available for a limited time, please contact us for details). 


SLE-TeleGraph 0.9.6

SLE-TeleGraph version 0.9.6 is now available in the download area. See Change Log in the download area. 


SLE-TeleGraph 0.9.4

SLE-TeleGraph version 0.9.4 is now available in the download area. Saving custom settings is now possible. PDF exports have been revised and many other featuers. See Change Log in the download area. 


SLE-TeleGraph 0.9.2

SLE-TeleGraph version 0.9.2 is now available in the download area. Now also available for macOS including the new M1 chips. From this version onwards, the system automatically checks whether an update is available when an internet connection is established.


SLE-TeleGraph now available

SLE-TeleGraph is the replacement for the our SPM3 Software. The following new functions are already included or in preparation for SLE-TeleGraph:

- Preset bit patterns for standard telegrams
- Connection of multiple devices simultaneously
- Automatic serial port detection without port name restrictions
- Export data to Excel and CSV files
- Create a full measurement protocol as PDF-file
- Store and load individual device settings
- Selectable step widths for frequency scan
- Automatic bit pattern recognition (in preparation)
- Executable on different operating systems (Windows 7/10 and macOS 
  Catalina) and mobile devices (in preparation)


New functions and features of KoSchutz2

- Graphical representation of the measured values over time
- Relay output test
- USB interface
- SD card for storing and reading out the measured values and messages
- LAN network connection
- Customer-specific adaptations of the interfaces possible


SLE-TeleGraph for SPM3 now available for preorder

A demo version of SLE-TeleGraph is now available in the download area. SLE-TeleGraph works for the time being only with SPM3s and runs under Windows 7, Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.


KoSchutz Radio modules

We are currently testing alternative radio modules for KoSchutz. The new radio modules have a longer range and integrated error correction. The ID addressing of the new modules makes transmission even more reliable and stable.
Existing systems can be upgraded to the new modules.



The long-term tests for our new capacitor protection center unit have begun. The control unit is compatible with the last two generations of the communication module. Pre-orders are now possible.



In response to many requests, the central unit of the new KoSchutz2 will be optionally available in a 19" rack-mounted housing.


Preannouncement SPM4

SPM4, our new, selective level meter for currents and voltages including a phase meter, is about to be launched on the market. Our latest generation of portable meters features a high-resolution 7" color touch display and graphical display of the measurements directly on the instrument.


Preannouncement new software

We are currently working on a new PC software for our measuring instruments. The software will be available for different platforms and will be compatible with current devices as well as with new developments.
We are planning a step-by-step conversion to the new software package. The software is available for Windows operating systems and supports the SPM3. This will be followed by an extension for the TF recorder. This update will also support Linux and macOS operating systems as well as Android and iOS.
We will offer users of the existing software for TF recorders and / or SPM3 an upgrade at special conditions upon market launch.
We have already considered some improvement requests, but are still open and grateful for your suggestions for additions and features.


New Current clamps

We have extended our range of current clamps for our measuring instruments.
We will be pleased to inform and advise you on the selection of suitable current clamps for your application. 


Capacitor Protection

The base unit of the radio version of our capacitor protection is now equipped with a data filter, which checks the received data for plausibility.
The radio variant now has an internal radio antenna with improved range.
The infrared version has received hardware and software updates, increasing the range and making it easier to read the progress bar.
For both versions, a software update makes it easier to read the internal reception indicator.


SPM3 Option 04 Analog Output

Defeatable Anti-Aliasing-Filter for phase comparison


Firmwareupdate SPM3Rec available

Now SDHC - memory cards with sizes up to 32GB can be used.


Firmwareupdate RTC-SD available

Now SDHC - memory cards with sizes up to 32GB can be used.


KoSchutz - Capacitor Protection

OLED display for radio- and infrared- receiver finally available!
It is now possible to equip the radio and IR receivers with an OLED display in response to many requests.
The conversion of existing systems is partly possible - please contact us for details.