Ground fault monitoring



With the earth fault monitoring, the 50Hz components of the AC voltages applied to the measuring inputs are measured, compared with each other and shown on an LC display.
If one of the differential voltages should become greater than the adjustable reference voltage, the corresponding error LED and relay is set for the period of the error and the error is shown on the display.


Technical Data

Operating voltage: 100-240V AC , 0.15A , 50/60Hz
Measuring inputs: 3
Input resistance: 3.6 MΩ
Measuring filter: 50 Hz, 3.7% bandwidth
Filter type: SC-Butterworth filter 8th order
Measuring range: 100 or 1000V adjustable via jumper
External frequency suppression at frequencies > 150Hz: 60db
Outputs: 2 change-over contacts 60V, 0.5A
Display: 3-line 16-digit LC display


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