Selective pulse level meter SPM3 Rev.5

Technical features

• Ripple control voltages up to 20V
• Frequency range up to 2 kHz
• 3 different bandwidths closable
• Duration measurement
• Ripple control pulse measurement
• Wide range mains supply 100…250 V
• Option 01 external voltage measurement up to 1 kV
• Option 02 current clamps,
   selective 20 mA to 200 A or 0.2 A to 400 A wideband
• Option 03 USB-Input  
• Option 04 Analog-Output


This measuring unit is able to perform quick and precise measurements of the ripple control signals in the mains voltage plane.

Ripple control signals in the area form 0 V to 20 V can be frequent selective measured with the SPM3. The desired centre frequency up to 2 kHz can be set easily via the keypad with a resolution on 1 / 10 Hertz. The three possible filter band widths of 1.7%, 3.7% and 6.0% can be chosen by pressing one single key.


The SPM3 can be used in two different modes of operation:

Duration measurement
The ripple control signal and the wide band voltage are continuously measured in the operation mode duration measurement and shown on the luminescent LC-display. This mode of operation is especially useful for the control of the harmonic waves within the mains.

Pulse measurement
Ripple control signals can be captured just as for example appear in the round control transmissions. This way the amplitude of the start pulse of a running round control transmission can be measured depending on the adjustable trigger threshold and different time parameters.

With the optional available software SPM3 ripple control transmissions can be recorded and graphically displayed.

The SPM3 will be available now with an USB-port in addition to the already existing serial port.


You will find further information in the instructions in our download area.