Measuring filter MF3/4 Rev.3 with measuring value memory and pule supervision



3 or 4 channel control unit for ripple control signals with pulse back signal via relay contacts, amplitude measurement and pulse width supervision

The measuring filter MF3/4 was designed for the level supervision and selective level measurement in audio frequency ripple control facilities and can be equipped with up to 4 input channels. An active RC-filter of the 8th order for each channel guaranties a clear separation of the useful signal from all disturbing mains frequencies. The MF3/4 unit can be either set for the measurement of currents of voltages.

The measuring process is started after exceeding of the chosen trigger level. The level of the start pulse is measured after the adjustable delay time has passed and can be used as a constant current or a constant voltage until to the arrival of a new ripple control telegram. The measuring results are displayed on a LC-display. The clearing for the next measurement can be set by the user in a range from 1 to 999 sec. (telegram running time).
The ripple control pulse can be optionally available at one output (potential free contact) for the pulse comparison in a data computer.

The adjustment of the operation parameters takes place via the pressure sensitive surface of the LC-display.

Error conditions can be signalled with the help of the pulse supervision and will be saved so that they can be later analysed. The start pulse and the instruction pulse are here checked if they keep the minimum and maximum pulse widths given by the user. In case of an error a recording contact will be close for the period of 1 second to signal the occurred error. If the amplitude of a pulse in one of the channels is below the set responding threshold an error is as well reported.
All occurred error cases are memorized with date and time within the unit and can be later viewed at the unit. The error memory has space for 500 entries and is designed as a ring memory. If the memory capacity is overstepped the oldest entry will be deleted and overwritten with the current message.


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