Measuring filter MF4 with measuring value memory

+++ Note +++ The MF4 is replaced in by the MF4FT +++


The measuring filter MF4 is built for the selective level supervision and the level measurement of audio frequencies in ripple control facilities. The level of the start pulse is measured after a delay time of 200ms. It is afterwards available as a constant current or voltage until to the incoming of a new round control telegram.

The measured value is displayed on the 16-digit LC display. The clearing for the next measurement can be set via BCD switches from 1 to 99 sec (telegram running time). The ripple control pulses are available at one output (potential free contact) for the pulse comparison in controlling-pulse units. The operation level is adjustable between 0.1V and 9.9V or 0.1% and 9.9% audio frequency. An active RC-filter of the 8th order guaranties a clear separation of the useful signal from all disturbing mains frequencies.


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