RTC-SD Rev.2



1-channel control unit for analysis of ripple control telegrams and long time supervision. Graphical recording of the telegrams in the same way as for the selective level meters SPM3 and SPM3A with the same software package. Up to 4000 measurements can be stored on the supplied SD- storage card which can be afterwards evaluated with the SPM software.
The memory is designed as a ring memory, i.e. after 400 measurements the oldest entry will be overwritten. The ripple control telegram is being sampled each 10ms. A SD-Card reader is included in the delivery just in case your PC / laptop does not have a SD-card–slot. The 3-line LC-Display is used to indicate the current time, the amount of recorded measurements and in case 4000 measurements are exceed the latest measuring value.

Setting possibilities via the buttons:
1. Time
2. Telegram running time (recording duration)
3. Filter frequency to be displayed on PC / Laptop
DIP- sliding switch for the filter frequency setting with a resolution of 0.1 Hz.


You will find further information in the instructions in our download area.