Coming soon: SPM4


SPM4, a selective level meter for currents and voltages including a phase meter, is about to be launched on the market. Our latest generation of portable meters features a high-resolution 7" color touch display and graphical display of the measurements directly on the instrument.



Up to 7 measurements are performed in parallel:

  • Internal voltage measurement via mains cable,
    selective and broadband at the same time
  • External voltage measurement via separate measuring inputs, selective and broadband simultaneously up to 1000V
  • Current measurement via current clamps,
    selective and broadband simultaneously up to 1000A
  • Phase measurement to determine the phase position between two of the three measurement inputs, freely selectable





Additional functions:

  • Analog outputs for all selective measuring channels
  • Anti-aliasing filter, can be switched off
  • Frequency scanner integrated
  • Harmonic measurement with analysis of the harmonic distortion directly on the device possible
  • continuous and pulse measurement Supported; pulse measurement also as automatic multiple measurement
  • Battery power supply possible





  • Wireless connection to PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone via Bluetooth or Wifi possible
  • Storage of measurements on SD card for later evaluation on PC
  • USB-port




Subject to alterations


The illustrations show our prototypes; the final layout is still being revised. We are happy to accept your requests for changes and additions. If you have any questions, please contact us.