SLE-TeleGraph - our new softwarepackage for macOS and Windows
for SPM3 and SPM4

for TF-Recorder in preparation

The free demo version is now available in the download area.


SLE-TeleGraph, our new software package is available for various platforms and is compatible with current devices and future developments.
We are planning a step-by-step conversion to the new software package. The software is available for Windows and macOS operating systems and supports the SPM3. This will be followed by an extension for the TF recorder. This update will also support Linux operating systems as well as Android and iOS.
We offer users of the existing software for TF-Recorder and / or SPM3 an upgrade at special conditions.


SLE-TeleGraph Demo-Videos:     Settings     |     Measurement     |     Exports

Subtitles in your language will be integrated in the next few days.




New Features
    • Preset bit patterns for standard telegrams ( see screenshot )
    • Connection of several devices simultaneously
    • automatic serial port detection without port name restrictions
    • Export Data to Excel and CSV files
    • Create a full measurement protocol as PDF-file
    • Store and load indivial device settings
    • Selectable step widths for frequency scan
    • Automatic bit pattern recognition
    • For different operating systems and mobile devices ( in preparation )   

We have already considered some improvement requests, but are still open and grateful for your suggestions for additions and features.


Telegram Settings 



Scanner Settings

Measured values of the frequency scanner with markers

Distorsion Factor Measurement



Color Settings

Device Settings


Extract of proven functions from the SPM3 software

    • All parameters for telegram recording are set from the SPM3 software interface.
    • Graphical processing of the data measured by the SPM3 to obtain a quick overview of the status in the power grid
    • Multiple measurements of TF broadcasts in unattended operation
    • Free definition of a time grid for overlay with the displayed data
    • Display of the measured ripple control frequency voltages in volts or as a percentage of the 50Hz voltage
    • Measurement of the clipping factor in 50- and 60 Hz power grids
    • Sampling of a given frequency range in 0.1Hz-(SPM4) / 0.2Hz- (SPM3) steps and display of the values measured there
    • Simultaneous measurement and recording of selective and wideband voltage
    • Programming the basic setting of the pulse level meter SPM3


General Settings

General Measurement Settings


Subject to alterations

The illustrations show our preliminary version; the final layout can still be revised. We are happy to accept your requests for changes and additions. If you have any questions, please contact us.


 You will find further information in the instructions in our download area.