RCR2s - Test Station



The RCR2s test station (Ripple Control Receiver) generates a TF voltage at a freely selectable frequency and level. This is superimposed on a supply voltage and made available at the output for testing devices such as ripple control receivers.

The TF voltage can be switched manually or via key inputs to generate ripple control telegrams.

The test station is optionally available in larger version with integrated telegram generation.


Technical data:

• EMC-compliant housing with power supply 230 V, 50Hz
• frequency generator
     • Frequency range: 100 Hz to 2000 Hz
     • Resolution: 0.1 Hz
     • Frequency accuracy: ± 0.01 Hz
     • Frequency stability: ± 50 ppm
     • Output voltage: 10 VTF
     • Output current: 1 A
     • Fuse: automatic fuse 1 AT
• Power amplifier for 230 V loop-through operation for max. 5 ripple control receivers and max. 10VTf
• Input via potential-free contact
• Galvanic isolation between RCR2s and command unit
• Potential-free output for relay control, 24V max. 1A with 4-pole Lemo socket