Old version of the SPM3 Software

SPM3 Software is a program for graphical evaluation of measured values determined with the selective handheld pulse level meter SPM3. With SPM3 software, ripple control telegrams can be recorded and stored in the network.

The following features should be mentioned:

  • All parameters for telegram recording are set from the SPM3 software interface.
  • Graphical processing of the data measured by the SPM3 to obtain a quick overview of the status in the power grid
  • Multiple measurements of TF broadcasts in unattended operation
  • Free definition of a time grid for overlay with the displayed data
  • Display of the measured ripple control frequency voltages in volts or as a percentage of the 50Hz voltage
  • measurement of the clipping factor in 50- and 60 Hz power grids
  • Sampling of a given frequency range in 0.1Hz steps and display of the values measured there
  • Simultaneous measurement and recording of selective and broadband voltage
  • Programming the basic setting of the pulse level meter SPM3