TF-Recorder Software

TF-Recorder Software is used for graphical evaluation of measured values determined with the SLE TF-Recorder. With TF-Recorder Software, ripple control telegrams  in the power grid can be recorded and stored.

The following features should be mentioned:

  • All parameters for telegram recording are set from the TF-Recorder Software interface.
  • Graphical processing of the data measured by the TF recorder to obtain a quick overview of the status in the power grid
  • The number of telegram recordings in unattended operation can be preset.Ring memory mode in which ripple control transmissions are stored in such a way that you have access to the last 999 telegrams.
  • In addition to the frequency-selective measurement, an extended 50 Hz measurement can be carried out which, in conjunction with the phase meter, provides information on mains impedance, apparent power, reactive power and active power.
  • Graphical display of continuous and phase measurement




You will find further information in the instructions in our download area.