The TF-Recorder allows voltage measurements in low-voltage systems and mains voltage carrying devices up to 1 kV.

Technical Data
The basic device consists of the case, the power supply and the data communications card TFRCPU.

The TF-Recorder can be equipped with max. 6 measuring channels for current or voltage in any desired sequence and number. The 7th slot is adjusted for the phase meter. The data communication with the downstream PC take place over the serial port; three different operating modes are provided, which can be actuated by means of the sliding switch on the front panel of the TFRCPU drawer.



Voltage Measuring Channel


Basic instrument data

 Filter type   SC-Butterworth-Filter 10th order
Continuous measurement   Selective measurement of Voltages
Pulse measurement   Selective measurement of voltages
Input resistance   3,8MΩ
 Measurment ranges, resolution  
 Selective   Nominal range  resolution
  20V  10mV
  200V  0.1V
  (max. superimposed 50Hz AC
  voltage 500V eff.)
  1 000V  1V
  TF without superimposed 50Hz-components
 Error limits   +/- 3% v.M. +3 digit

  comined display for frequency
  and measured value

 Frequency range   40.0Hz to 1 999.9Hz
 Frequency setting   via connected PC
 Resolution (step width)   0.1 Hz
 Display   8-digit alphanumeric LED-display
 Filter bandwidth (-3 dB)   1.7%, 3%, 6.0%
 Response times for pulse
  1.7% = 400 ms
  3,7% = 200 ms
  6.0% = 100 ms


Current Measuring Channel

Current measurements
Currents in the range given below can be measured with the current clamps that can be supplied as accessories.

Measuring ranges

Nominal range Max. total current (50Hz + TF)
20mA 0.01 mA
200mA 0.1 mA
2A 1 mA
20A 10 mA
200A 0.1 A
1000A 1 A


Max. total current

Nominal range Max. total current (50Hz + TF)
20 mA 1 A
200 mA 10 A
2 A 100 A
20 A 350 A
200 A 350 A
1000 A 1000 A


2 different current clamps types can be supplied as accessories, which cover together the entire range from 0.1 mA to 999 A.

Conversion ratio1.000 A / 1 A
Frequency range40 Hz to 2.000 Hz

Current clamps

 M1.MB (CdA 400P
 0.1 mA to 100A
   20 A to 1.000
   +/- 3% v.M. +3 digit
 + the error limits set by the manufacturer of the current
 clips in differnt current measurement ranges
 Display  combined display for frequency and measured value
 Frequency range  40 Hz to 1 999.9 Hz
 Frequency setting  via connected PC
 Resolution (step width)  0.1 Hz
 Display  8-digit alphanumeric LED-display
 Filter bandwidth (-3dB)  1,7%, 3.7%, 6.0%
 Response times for
 pulse measurement
 1.7% = 400 ms
 3.7% = 200 ms
 6.0% = 100 ms


Analog Output Filter

The selectively evaluated input signal for oscillographical measurements or for phase measurements with the phase meter - that can be supplied as an accessory - is available at this output.

 The output voltage corresponds to the display value, regardless of the selected
 measurment range (0...100%).
 Output voltage  5 Veff at 100% input voltage
 Output  short-circuit resistent
 Phase error switched  ± 3.6° el (with anti-aliasing filter off)
 Anti-aliasing frequencies  n * (fC ± f0) (with anti-aliasing filter
 switched off)
 Connection  SMB socket


Phase Meter

Quantity of measring channels 3
Max. input voltage 5Veff
Frequency range 40.0 Hz to 1 999.9 Hz
Display combined display for frequency und measured value
Measuring range 0° el to 359°el, or 180°el can be selected with the relevant software packet.
Measuring accuracy ± 2°el, in the frequency range 40.0 Hz to 1999.9 Hz for input voltages > 0.25 Veff. This value corresponds to the output voltage of the voltage or current measuring channel with an input voltage or an input current of 5% of the final measurement range.
Referemce channel The reference channel ist channel B for all inputs. The positive passing of the measurement signal on channel B triggers the measurement.

Option 01

Extension of the measuring channels with an additional input for the tripping of the measurement. Input voltage 12 – 24 V DC via 2 additional front connection sockets.

Storage Battery Supply ASV

The optional storage battery supply makes it possible to use the TF Recorder for up to 6 hours in the full configuration without a mains power supply.



For the setting of the TF-Recorder without a PC or laptop connection.


You will find further information in the instructions in our download area.