Filtre de mesure MF3-3



Technical Data


Measuring Inputs

Input impedance

Ripple Control Voltage


Filter Bandwith

Response Threshold



Contact load

Power Supply

Connector plug

Space requirement

Constructional Design

Creepage an clearance distances

Ambient Temperature

Humidity Class

3, max.400Veff / 50Hz

ca. 3 MW

max. 20 V

setting with BCD-switch

3,7% (other bandwiths are possible)

(Volt or %) adjustable with BCD-switch

3 x pulse feedback, 3 x 50 Hz - monitoring

50 Hz – monitoring can be bridged with jumpers

60 V, 100 mA

100 – 240AC 0,15A   50..60Hz

Phoenix Terminal blocks

240x130x100mm (LxBxH)

Phoenix string module housing for c-rail mounting

VDE 110 group C

0 to 40 °C

F according to DIN 40 040


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